NSF Center
for Nano and Micro-
contamination Control

Egan Research Center

Northeastern University
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

phone: 617.373.6012
fax: 617.373.3266

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Our Research is focused on the fundamentals of surface cleaning and preparation:

Presentation Archive

MicroContamination Research Center Presentation 2007

IUCRC Characterization of Defects

IUCRC Cleaning of Trenches

IUCRC Contamination Transport

IUCRC_Mechanics of CMP and Post-CMP

IUCRC MicroGas Analyzer

IUCRC Nano Particle Removal

IUCRC Post-CMP Adhesion Removal

Tech Transfer Presentation

Proposal Archive

NSF IUCRC Proposal

CO2 Cleaning Proposal

The Mechanics of CMP and Post-CMO Cleaning

Techniques for Finding and Characterizing Defects and Contaminants

Development of a MEMs Based Micro Gas Analysis System

Particle Adhesion and Removal for Post-CMP Applications

Nano and Microscale Particle Removal

Physical Cleaning of Submicron Trenches, a Modeling Study

The Transport of Contaminants in Thin Film Deposition Processes